1991 Ford Crown Victoria P-72 Police package

                                       My 1991 Ford Crown Victoria           (Click on the photo to enlarge it)
I bought this car from the Pensacola Beach Fire Department for $10.00, after they decided to dispose of it.  (They originally wanted to cut it up for "Jaws Of Life" training". )   I had it towed home, as it did not run, and started the restoration...
The car was originally from the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, who donated it to the Fire Department to use as a Fire Chief's car... I restored it back to oiriginal.  I can now show it is either a Fire Chief's car, or an Escambia County Sheriff's Office  car, as the decals are all removeble, thanks to magnetic panels.  The decals and lights come off of the car before it is driven on the highway.  
The car's transmission was replaced in 2006, when the overdrive went out.   This summer, a new engine was installed, so the car runs like new again.  The suspension has been totally rebuilt, the interior has been redone with the exception of the back seat, which is original.  The car also has been repainted.  
The Crown Victoria at the annual "Lake in the Hill's",  Illinois car show... This is the second car show of the weekend, the first in North Aurora, Il.  This was the third trip to Chicago with the car.  It will be there again this year, the first weekend in August, for the fourth time.    
Sheriff Morgan checking the car out at a local car show.  He really likes the car!
A friend of mine built this replica of my car out of a toy.  He did an excelent job with it! He also put it in a clear
plastic display case.  The link to his companies page will be on the links page, which will be added soon...
1984 LTD P-39 Police Package
My latest restoration project...  A 1984 "Baby" LTD.  This car was based on the Mustang "Fox" body car.  It was stretched, and a second seat added, to make a small four door sedan.   The Florida Troopers used to call them "The four door Mustang".   The car has a 5.0. H.O. engine, that has been rebuilt.  I am in the process of changing the CFI injection to a four barrel carb.  This should wake the car up alot! 
It will be shown as a Harris County, Texas, Precinct 5 Deputy Constables car.   I recently was finnally able to make contact with someone that could provide me with an actual Door decal photo to go by, and have a correct door decal made for the car.  I did the one on the car right now from memory.  I got pretty close, but not exact...  
                                    Now I have something to take to the Graphics shop....
                     First car show for the car.  Still under construction, and still got a first place!
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